Take-it-Home This Week 11.18.12

Journey to Salvation!

Parents: We talked a lot about Jesus wanting to be our very best friend and “live in our hearts” today and your child was given the opportunity to pray the prayer above.  Ask them about it!

Birth-Age 2: Saying prayers before bed is a simple way to instill a heart of prayer in your child.  If you don’t already do this, start tonight!  You can all crawl under the covers together and make a “tent” and talk to God like Moses did in our story this week.  After you are done praying in your “tent” remind your children that although Moses needed to enter the tent to talk to God, we can talk to Him anywhere because He is always with us!

Age 3-Kindergarten: Play Hide-&-Seek with your child.  As you play, ask your

God knows where we are all the time.

children if they believe that God knows where they are all the time, even when they are hiding.  Remind them that God knows everything and that He is always with us wherever we are.  We say often in Bright Beginnings that we can talk to God anytime and anywhere.  Reassure your child of this truth as you play.

Take-it-Home This Week 11.11.12

Kids in Bright Beginnings said a prayer Sunday: “Jesus – everything about You is good and true!”.  Here are some ideas to help us remember Jesus everyday this week, and think about what is true.

Parents: Often the things that we are “attracted” to in our lives, turn out to be what “distracts” us from what is true in God.  What tends to distract you from the Truth? Write out a prayer that you can use everyday to help you stay true to Him  this week.

Birth-Age 2:  What better way to help our children learn God’s truth, than to read Bible Stories to them!  Read a Bible Story to your child everyday this week.

Used with permission from AndrewMalone’s photostream on flickr.

Age 2-Kindergarten: When you’re driving in the car or eating dinner together this week, take turns telling each other what is true about God (God loves me, God made me, God made animals, God is everywhere, We can talk to God anytime and anywhere, etc.).

Celebrate God who is TRUE!

We are celebrating!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 (NIV)

The Bright Beginnings Community is celebrating the Giroux Family Reunion this week! We are so grateful that Brody is home with his Mom and Dad.  We rejoice in the way God has been at work in this difficult situation, and the Truth that God is at work in each one of our lives.  We give all praise to God who works for the good of those who love him!  And we love you too—Brian, Billie, and Brody.

When you can’t trace His [God] hand trust his heart. [Lyrics from Babbie Mason’s song: “Trust His Heart”]

Take-it-Home This Week 11.5.12

In Bright Beginnings yesterday, we were on a journey to WORSHIP! Here are some ideas to keep the lesson alive all week long . . .

Parents:  We teach our children that we can worship God anywhere at anytime and that worshiping God is much more than just singing songs to Him. Think about ways that you can worship God this week with your attitude, time and thoughts.

Birth-Age 2: Put in your favorite worship CD or DVD and worship God with your children! Dance around the house singing praises to Him.

This image is used with a creative commons license on Google.

Age 3-Kindergarten: Take some time to make a fort this week inside your home with blankets and pillows. Make it your family tabernacle for the day! Remind your child that God gave Moses and the Israelites specific instructions on how to build their tabernacle (a place of worship), but we have the privilege of worshiping God anytime and anywhere!  Even in a fort made of blankets!