Take-it-Home This Week 11.11.12

Kids in Bright Beginnings said a prayer Sunday: “Jesus – everything about You is good and true!”.  Here are some ideas to help us remember Jesus everyday this week, and think about what is true.

Parents: Often the things that we are “attracted” to in our lives, turn out to be what “distracts” us from what is true in God.  What tends to distract you from the Truth? Write out a prayer that you can use everyday to help you stay true to Him  this week.

Birth-Age 2:  What better way to help our children learn God’s truth, than to read Bible Stories to them!  Read a Bible Story to your child everyday this week.

Used with permission from AndrewMalone’s photostream on flickr.

Age 2-Kindergarten: When you’re driving in the car or eating dinner together this week, take turns telling each other what is true about God (God loves me, God made me, God made animals, God is everywhere, We can talk to God anytime and anywhere, etc.).

Celebrate God who is TRUE!

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