3rd Sunday of Advent

Story – Follow that star! (wisemen and shepherds)

Bible Verse – “I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.” Psalm 119:10

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for being the perfect gift. Thank you for having a plan for me. I pray I will seek you and follow you my whole life. Amen

TAKE IT HOME 12.16.12

Following is a part of every kid’s life.  Kids learn about following rules, following in line, following the example given, and so learning to follow God fits right into their world.

Star-of-BethlehemParents – Talk about the shepherds who heard a message from angels and followed a star all the way to a baby in a manger, and help your kids understand that we follow God the same way…listening to what he tells us in the Bible and doing what he says is good to do.

Birth-Age 2 – Make a big star to hang in your house.  Every time you see a star this week (TV, stores, signs, books, etc.), talk about the shepherds and how the star led them to find Baby Jesus!

Ages 3-4 – Trace a star shape and decorate it.  Take turns playing “follow the leader” with your child…the leader carries the star and everyone else follows until it stops at a special place.

Kindergarten – Make star-shaped placements from construction paper or a file folder.  Decorate with markers and set them at your table.  As you eat together this week, talk about the shepherds and the message they heard from the angels.  Tell your children how important it is to follow God and his commandments.

Take It Home This Week 12.2.12

Advent = A period of preparation for the birth of Jesus.

Advent is upon us, and there are many things we can do to prepare our homes and our hearts for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  After all, Jesus is the perfect gift!

startingsmall_cupcakeTalk about that – and plan a special birthday dessert one night this week – complete with cupcakes and candles. Kids love birthdays, and they will enjoy honoring Jesus and his birthday.

Then take time to thank God for sending Jesus to be born. And for making us a part of his family.