take it home | 1-27-13

The character element of the week is: SELF CONTROL

Story: Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6:9 through 9:15)

Bible Verse: “…and to your knowledge, add self-control.” 2 Peter 1:6a

Prayer: Dear God, I am so glad that you have control over everything that happens. You have a purpose for everything and everyone. Help me to have self-control to do the right things. And help me to have self-control so I will not hurt others with my actions or words. Amen.


Parents: Write down one area in your life that needs self-control and ask God to help you.

Birth-Age 2: Young children often use their bodies to get attention by hitting, poking, scratching, grabbing and biting. When these times arise, it’s an opportunity to teach them about self-control. Encourage them to “use their words” and ask “what do you need?” and remind them “it’s not your turn – let’s share”.

Age 3-Kindergarten: Playing a card or board game is a geat way to practice self-control. Play a game with your child this week and encourage them by taking turns and being “good sports.” When the game is over, high-five everyone and say, “good game!”

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