take it home | 2.10.13

Our character element for the week is SERVICE FOR GOD!

Story:  Nehemiah (Nehemiah 2:1-6; 16)

Bible Verse: “…and to your patience add service for God.” 2 Peter 1:6b

Prayer: Dear God – You have done so much for me. Help me to serve you by helping others. Help me to see when others have a need and to do something about it. Amen.

ss.cellphoneParents:  Is there another parent you know that could use a night out this week?  Give them a call and offer to watch their children. Your kids will love the extra playmates and you’ll be modeling “service to others”.

Birth-Age 2: Even young children can help out at home. Instead of doing all the chores for them, invite them to help you with simple tasks like:

  • putting their cup in the sink
  • throwing away their diaper
  • picking up toys
  • putting clean clothes away

It will take more time, but they will love helping you and the seeds you are planting are definitely worth it!

Age 3-Kindergarten: Do your children help with chores at home? If not – this is a ssgirlcarryingglassesgood time to start! Keep it simple – let them hep with:

  • making their bed
  • setting the table
  • sweeping after meals

Don’t expect perfection! Make it fun and remind your child that when they are serving their family – they are serving God.

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