dear bright beginnings community,

I’ve been meaning to chat with you….

Starting Small is a dream coming true for our community.  It’s been over a year ago that a few of us sat down to discuss the way a website might enhance our community and provide needed communication and support for parents and kids at First Church of the Nazarene in Jackson!

We have been meeting mini-deadlines over the past months, getting things put together so we could launch and begin sharing with you.  And now, we’re close to the finish line – or should I say the starting line?

I was so pumped to come into church last Wednesday (that’s my long work day) to crank out tons of stuff and write a bunch of stuff for the blog….I had been going over it in my head all morning and was planning to devote a large chunk of time to writing without pressure.  

WELL…the day didn’t start out exactly as planned! Let’s just say it went crazy! For various ridiculous reasons I was almost a whole hour late getting the boys to daycare (that never happens – I’m paying MONEY!).

Then I made a quick run to the post office before heading to the church.

At the post office I realized that I was close to Best Buy so I could run in and purchase our phone cards because our minutes were out the next day.  I texted my husband Nathan, to see what kind of cards he usually buys, but he didn’t text back quickly, so I asked the advice of the Best Buy guy…and bought them.

Finally on the drive to church, Nathan calls and tells me I had purchased the wrong cards, so I return to Best Buy only to discover you can’t return phone cards! UGH. (More wasted time and money).

It was just after noon when I got to my office. Before I even turned my computer, Nathan called, laughing-and-telling me he thinks our car was just stolen.  He had gone to our rental house over his lunch break to check on something, left the car running, went around the back of the house for a few minutes and returned to no car!  He called the police and made a report but needed me to run home to get our license plate number because our insurance guy didn’t have it on file.

I did not want to run home (more wasted time and money) so I did some investigative work online and waited on hold for 40 minutes for the DMV, only to find out they can’t give a license plate # to you over the phone (add more wasted time).

Nathan needed me to come get him – he was due in court for a case a 1:00, which by that time, I couldn’t have made it there and gotten him to the courthouse in time, so as I was calling all our old neighbors to see if they saw anything – one of them graciously let Nathan borrow their car for the day! Wow.

For the rest of the day I was online or on the phone trying to cover our tracks and be proactive (whomever has our car now has our garage door opener, keys to our home and our rental and our new address and other identity information) to protect ourselves and our identity.

Once we arranged when and where I would pick Nathan up that would coordinate with my work schedule, his work schedule and the boys’ daycare hours, we learned that Jake was really sick and needed to go home right away.  (Amazing).

All that to say, I didn’t get any writing for the blog done!

So lately, we have been busy trying to figure out transportation day by day, changing lots of locks, shopping for another car and taking care of a sick little boy.

It’s really not a big deal – we are thankful for the car we do have and understand our other car (or anything else, for that matter) was never ours anyway (this couldn’t have happened in the middle of a better sermon series, right?!).

I’m looking forward to sharing with you through, and watching our community grow!


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