take it home | 4-28-13

When you see a firefly light up, remember that God wants us to share our light with others!


bug: firefly

word:  evangelism

story: Paul and King Agrippa (Acts 25-26)

Bible verse: Be wise (and tell others about Jesus). (Colossians 4:5)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I know it is important to tell other people about you.  The more I learn about you, the more I have to share with others.  Help me to live in such a way that others want to know more about you!  Amen

What is something you can you do to “shine your light” with your children? Consider this: sit down and write out your faith story – what Christ means to you. Save it for your child in a scrap book, time capsule, family Bible, or memory box. One day, when your child is older, it will help him understand your personal journey with God.


Birth-Age 2
This is a great time to begin praying for others with your young children. Is there a friend or family member that doesn’t know Jesus?  When you and your child are praying together, pray for him or her.  Help your young one “shine” by caring and praying for others.

Age 3-Kindergartenbackyard_group
Talk to your child about sharing Jesus with others. Ask if they have a friend they would like to invite to Bright Beginnings and then help make it happen! Even very young children want their friends to know about Jesus and his love – do everything you can to help your child “shine”!

ants are amazing creatures!

Did you know that an ant can carry things that are much heavier than themselves? Maybe even twenty antonwhitetimes heavier?

Did you know that ants don’t “hear” with ears, they don’t have them!  They “listen” by feeling the vibrations in the ground.

Oh, and one more thing…each colony of ants (millions of ants are in a colony) has a Queen!

Check out more fun facts about ants and how amazing they are at Pestworld for Kids.

take it home | 4-21-13

Ants are hard workers! And just like they work together to carry things, we can work together to serve God!workerant

This week’s word: Service

Bible Verse: Use your gifts to serve others (I Peter 4:10)

Story: Miriam and Baby Moses (Exodus 2)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I know that when I help others, I am helping you. I want to serve others every day. Amen.

Try these activities to help your kids “take home” the lesson this week:

Children learn the most from you! Model serving others and your children will grow up serving others. This week find simple ways to serve others and talk to your children about what you are doing and why. Some ideas:

  • Hold the door for someone
  • Allow a shopper to go ahead of you in the check-out line
  • Make a take a meal to someone who is ill
  • Offer to babysit for a friend

girlandmixerBirth – Age 2
Children naturally want to help you! Encourage your child this week, by letting them help you with simple tasks around the house – and thank them for their hard work!

  • Pull clothes out of the dryer and into the laundry basket
  • Sweep the floor
  • Put toys away
  • “Dust” with a rag
  • Set the table

Age 3 – Kindergarten
Is there a chore around your home that is typically done by a particular person? Ask your child to help you surprise that person by doing the chore for them (without them knowing). The surprise will be fun and your child will feel good about helping the family member. Talk about how anytime we help others, we are serving God.

take it home | 4-14-13

ImageBug this week:  Butterfly

Word of the week: Discipleship

Verse of the week: Your attitude should be like Jesus. (Philippians 2:5)

Story: Matthew 4:21, 17:5, Mark 3:17, 5:37, 14:33 & John 21:1-2

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I understand that You made me.  Help me to become more like You.  Amen

In an amazing process, the caterpillar changes to a butterfly!  Much like this, we change from our old life to a new one as we trust Jesus and follow him.monarch-linsuehoo

Kids can understand that when a caterpillar goes into his cocoon, he turns into a beautiful butterfly; and that when we spend time learning about Jesus and reading the Bible, we can become more like Him.

How can we take this message home all week long? Read and pray. Find ways to pray all day long.  You can talk to God when

  • your child falls down or gets hurt
  • you get in the car to drive to daycare
  • you sit down to eat a meal

Make a point to read a Bible story every day this week.  Let your children interact with the pictures and characters – talk about who they are and what is happening. There are some wonderful preschool Bibles – make a special purchase this week if you don’t already have one on your shelf:

  • The Early Readers Bible (Gold n’ Honey Books)
  • The Right Choices (McDowell)
  • My First Study Bible (Thomas Nelson)
  • The Beginner’s Bible (Zonderkids)

Read and pray this week!  Grow with your child – from caterpillar to butterfly as you learn more about Jesus and trust in Him!

take it home | 4-7-13


Our bug this week, is the bee and we are talking about fellowship. Bees live and work together as one big family. God created us to live together with our family at home and at church.

Bible Verse:  We are all part of the family of Christ.  Romans 12:5

Story:  Paul, Aquila & Priscilla  (Acts 18)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I know it is important to spend time with other people.  Please help me to encourage others around me.  I love You.  Amen

Parents – Consider these ideas for “taking it home” this week:
One way to encourage your child to enjoy fellowship is to attend the same church service each week so your children will have the opportunity to see the same teachers and children each time they come to their room. Helping them to develop a relationship with their teacher is so important!

Birth – Age 2:
Collect pictures of each one in your family and put them together into a book that your child can handle and look at every day. Make it simple. With scrap booking supplies fashion a book; or punch a hole in the top left corner of each photo, and put them on a metal ring; or tie them together with yarn or string. Talk about each person with your child, and thank God for each one!

Age 3 – Kindergarten:
Arrange a play date with a friend your child already has, and invite someone from church or school that could be a new friend as well. Talk about how God wants us to include everyone as we play – and how we are all a part of God’s family. Friends are a blessing at any age!