take it home | 6-9-13

The topic in Bright Beginnings on Sunday was S H A R I N G.  See what you can do to keep this message going at home this week!

Word of the Week: SHARE

Bible Verse: “Share what you have with others.” Romans 12:13

Story: Joseph (Genesis 47:11-13)

Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for all the food that you provide for me and my family. I am so glad that I never have to go hungry. Help me to have a kind and caring heart so that I can share with others. Amen


It’s not only kids that need to share (or learn to share)! What is God asking you to share?  Could it be your time? friendship? talents? money? belongings?  Ask Him about it this week – and then be willing to obey.sharing2

Birth-Age 2
Sharing toys and snacks is something we often talk about with little ones. You can help your child understand that “we share in our family” when we take turns or split a snack with a brother or sister.

Age 3 – Kindergarten

Help your kids share with someone this week! Bake a special treat or a whole meal and take it to someone who has a need. An elderly neighbor? Someone with a new baby? Someone you know who has been ill? Talk about how it feels to share with someone, and how much others appreciate it when we share with them.

take it home | 6-2-13

God is always with us; Elijah found that out in today’s Bible story.  An angel of God came to Elijah and woke him up to eat! When we pray and believe in God’s promises, we know that He is always there for us.

Word of the Week: PRAY

Bible Verse: “We know and need God’s love.” 1 John 4:16a

Bible Story: Elijah and the Angel (1 Kings 19:1-18)

Prayer: Thank you for always being with me. I know you care about me and will take care of me. You will always be there to help me through everything. Help me to learn and believe your promises. Give me the strength that I need when I am afraid. Amen.

take the message home this week!

The Bible is full of God’s promises. Choose one and write it down so that you can meditate on it this week. Each day as you consider the promise, ask God to help you believe it!

Birth-Age 2
Children rely on their parents, and in doing this, they learn about relying on God. This week is a good time to develop a habit of praying with your child at a specific time every day.  Bedtime and mealtimes are a great place to start.

boy-binocularsAge 3-Kindergarten
One day this week, take a walk outside together and talk about what you see that reminds you of God’s love and how he takes care of us. Remind your child that we can always rely on God!