take it home | 6-30-13

In the Bright Beginnings hallway the word on Sunday was:  L I S T E N

listening_backyardListen is a word that kids hear a lot growing up: Listen, I told you …. Are you listening? Can you sit still and listen? I’m going to tell you something important…listen very carefully…

On Sunday our kids heard a story about listening–the way the people gathered around Jesus to listen to the Word of God and how some fishermen listened to his directions. Read about it!

Story: Luke 5:1-11

Bible verse: “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” James 1:19

Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for the Bible. I am glad that I can learn all about you. Please help me to listen at church and to my teachers so that I can learn even more. Help me to listen at home to my parents also. I am glad that you always listen to me when I talk to you! Amen.

Take it home this week:
As you listen to your children this week, intentionally make eye contact with them. Notice how their eyes light up with expression when they know they have your full attention! Think about how God is pleased when we focus on him…when he has our full attention.

Birth-Age 2
Help your kids practice listening at story time. Read a story and praise them for listening well. Give them opportunities to identify colors, shapes, animals, and interesting things in the pictures…while you listen attentively to them!

Age 3-Kindergarten
Hang a blank piece of paper on your refrigerator and every time you catch your child listening to your instructions, give them a sticker to place on the paper (or draw a star with a crayon). Make it a challenge to see how many stickers they can collect!

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