take it home | 8-25-13

The message today in Bright Beginnings was: God knows me!
And the “C” word was CALLING.

Bible Verse: God chose me. Galatians 1:15

Story: Judges 6:33 – 7:22

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I am so glad that you love me. You even knew me before I was born. Help me to understand your call in my life. I am glad you want me to be part of your family. Give me the desire to help others. Show me ways I can learn what your purposes are for me. Amen.

Parents – Here are some ideas to help you take the message home . . .
Write about a time in your life when you felt God “calling” you to do something specific; or when you knew God was leading you in a big decision. Be ready to share this with those you know that may be struggling with making a big decision, or understanding God’s calling in their life.

Birth – Age 2
Ask your child to help you find your nose, eye, knee, tummy, hair, etc. Then pray out loud with your child. Thank God for how he has created him or her, and thank him for the plans that he has for them!

1059067259_cd6aca5fb5_mAge 4 – Kindergarten
Help your child practice writing their name, and talk to them about how/why you chose that name! Remind them that they are very special and that God chose them to be in your family!

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