Watch Your Speed | 11-17-13

backyard41The word today is PEACE.

Bible Verse
Be still and know that I am God. Proverbs 46:10

Jesus Stopped to Visit
In a village that Jesus and his Disciples came to, a woman opened her home to them. As Jesus sat and talked, Martha was busy in the kitchen while her sister Mary sat and listened to every word Jesus was saying. Martha wanted some help, so she asked Jesus to tell Mary to come to the kitchen and help her. He had an interesting response! Read the story in Luke 10:38-42.

t a k e  i t  h o m e

Jesus, I pray that I will not be too busy that I don’t take time to focus on You. Help me to take time everyday to pray and talk to You. I am so glad that I can go to church to listen to Bible stories and learn about You! Amen.

Parents – Are we too busy?
God is never too busy for us. Are we ever too busy for him? This stage of life is naturally busy, which is why we must be intentional about spending time with God. Giving him our time will help us prioritize our never-ending list of things to do! Commit to giving God some time each day this week.

Birth – Age 2 – Read the Bible
Spend time reading to your child out of a children’s Bible every day this week. If you don’t have one, see Pastor Ryanne and she will give you one!

timerAge 3 – Kindergarten – How Fast Can You Do This?
Get a stopwatch or timer and see how long it takes your son or daughter to do the following:

  • Jump up and down 25 times
  • Say the A B C’s
  • Run from the kitchen to their bedroom and back
  • Make their bed

Talk to your child about how fast they were doing those things. Tell them it’s good to be fast, but it’s also good to slow down and take time to talk to God. Talk about how much God loves us and then sit down and pray together.

Trusting Your Guide | 11-10-13


The key word today in Bright Beginnings is trust.

One of Jesus’ miracles was to walk on a wild raging sea of water to his disciples in a boat. They were afraid in the storm; and then especially afraid when they saw a “ghost” walking on the water. “Courage, it’s me. Don’t be afraid,” he told them.

Maybe a little unsure, Peter said: “Master, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus answered, “Come to me.”

Peter jumped out of the boat! He began walking on the water, but “lost his nerve” when he saw the stormy waves beneath his feet. “Master, save me!” he cried out. And Jesus reached out for his hand. (Read the full story in Matthew 14:22-32)

Our kids learned a verse from Proverbs: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” (Proverbs 3:5a)

t a k e  i t  h o m e

Pray with your kids.
Lord, I pray that I will put my trust in you daily, because I know you can help me. I want to come to you first when I need help. Remind me to stop and pray to you when I don’t know what to do. Thank you for loving me! Amen

Parents: Start a prayer journal.
Start a personal or family prayer journal! Write down prayer requests and keep track of how God answers prayer. Be encouraged! You can trust God with everything that concerns you and your family.

Birth – Age 2: Get out the baby book.
Sit down with your child and look through their baby pictures. Explain to them how you took care of them when they were a baby. Explain that God loves them and takes care of them!

Age 3 – Kindergarten: Take your child on a trust walk.
Blindfold your child and take them by the hand. Lead them through the house, taking corners and stepping over things – always giving them instructions for their steps. When the walk is over, remove the blindfold and talk about how they had to “trust” you to get to the end. Talk about how we can trust Jesus.

Serving Your Crew | 11-3-13

Last Sunday in Bright Beginnings, the big idea was “serve.”

Jesus constantly served others when he was on earth. Our kids heard about the paralyzed man whose friends lowered him down through the roof to get close to Jesus – they believed that Jesus would heal him – and Jesus did! (Mark 2:1-12)

Our kids learned a verse from Romans chapter 12 – paraphrased to say: “Love each other like a family.” (Romans 12:10)


t a k e  i t  h o m e

Pray with your kids.
Lord, I pray that I will always serve my friends and my family and even those who aren’t very nice to me. Help me to love others and help them out whenever I can. Show me ways to be kind and loving at all times. Amen

Parents: Find someone to serve.
Is there a spouse, significant other, parent, friend or co-worker that you could serve this week?  Choose someone and do one intentional act of service this week that you don’t usually do!!

Birth – Age 2: Let your kids help you clean something.
Gather up some cleaning supplies, such as a duster, rags, broom, mop, sponge, etc. Name the item and see if your child can point to the item you named. Then show them what to do with each item. Give them a chance to try and help you clean sometime this week. Be sure to give them lots of praise for their help!

Age 3 – Kindergarten: Encourage your kids to serve.
On slips of paper, write little jobs that your child can do to help you and drop the papers into a jar (you can call this the “Helper Jar” if you’d like). Each day this week, have your child pick one slip of paper and help you!

Some ideas for the “Helper Jar”:

  • unload the silverware from the dishwasher (no knives ☺)
  • sort the laundry
  • set the table
  • make a bed
  • dust in the living room
  • match clean socks together
  • sweep in the kitchen
  • fold towels
  • pick up toys