The Gift of Time | 1-19-14

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Live Joyfully

Family Discussion
Besides the time we spend at work, school (or pre-school) and the time we spend getting there each week, how do we spend our time?

  • What activities take up the bulk of the time we have?
  • Is this on purpose?
  • Are we spending most of our time on things that add to stress — things that tear us down instead of build us up?
  • Are there any activities that we should drop from our family life? (Be sure to ask each family member for feedback on this)
  • Are there any activities that we should add to our family life? (Again, make sure everyone shares their thoughts)

Family Action
Make a very simple log to chart how you are spending your time. (Don’t make it too complicated, just look at broad categories). Use it for the entire week, to see how much time is spent on television, the Internet, together, church, sports, etc. At the end of the week review the log to see if the manner in which you spend your time corresponds to the things you really value.

Discuss an exciting way that your family could spend some time together. It could be an afternoon, a full day, a weekend or even a vacation. It may be a time of relaxation or a time of meaningful work. It could be a family project or even a mission trip. It could be as simple as a movie or game night next week. Choose something that everyone will look forward to and put it on the calendar!

Family Prayer
Thank God for this day. Thank Him for the time He has given to each one of you and the time you have together. Ask Him to help you use it in ways that would make Him smile. 🙂 If there are particular changes you need to make in the use of your time, ask the Lord to help you make those changes.

“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” [Colossians 3:17]

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