Love Your Enemies | 2-9-14

In Bright Beginnings we are busy discovering what Jesus said in the Bible. “Love your enemies,” for example: who does that? Extreme Sayings is our theme for February and March.

The word is . . . L O V E

Bible Story
This story is about Joseph – Jacob’s youngest son. He had a dream and when he told his brothers about it they were angry and jealous. Read about how Joseph ends up as a slave in Egypt, and how God used his life for a great purpose! And by the way, he meets up with his brothers years later and forgives them for how they had treated him! Wow.
That’s extreme.
[Genesis 37:1-28 and 45:4-5]

Dear Jesus, help me to love others in the way that you love me. It is easy to love my friends and family but help me show love to those who are hard to love or that don’t like me. Amen.

T a k e  I t  H o m e
ss_lindsey gira on flickr.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs this week! Show your love by interacting with your child through words and physical touch. Studies show that playful physical interaction like tickling, wrestling, chasing and catching, between parent and child releases high levels of endorphins in the children and strengthens the parent-child bond.
Have fun this week loving on your child! This is also a way to show God’s love to them – and they will want to share love in return.

Birth – Age 2
Play an “I Love You” game with your child. Say “I love your . . . nose!” and point to their nose, “I love your … ears!” and point to their ears, etc. Make it fun. Let your child know that you love them and everything about the way God created them!

Age 3 – Kindergarten
Look for a “teachable moment” this week. Ask your child to think of an “enemy.” Maybe it’s a boy or girl that makes faces at them, pushes them around, or calls them names. Remind them that these are the kind of kids Jesus says we are to love!

It’s not easy, but because Jesus asks us to love our enemies, we need to do it. Encourage your child to show love to an “enemy” this week.  Maybe it’s sharing a toy with someone who is usually mean to them, or giving them a smile, “hello,” or asking them to play. Talk about how Jesus loves everyone no matter what. That’s extreme.

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