Forgive Everyone | 2-16-14

This month and next, we are learning about the extreme sayings of Jesus. “Forgive Everyone,” is that even possible?

The word is . . . F O R G I V E N E S S

Bible Story
Learn about a king who forgave his servant who owed him a lot of money. The servant turned around and demanded that a friend who owed him a little bit of money pay him back right away.
[Matthew 18:23-35]

Dear Jesus, I am so glad that you always forgive me when I ask. Please help me to forgive others when they do something wrong to me. Help me to follow the way you forgive everyone, not just the people I want to. Amen.

T a k e  I t  H o m e

Take some time to think about forgiveness. Is there someone you need to forgive? Make that phone call or write that letter today. Remember that your example speaks volumes to your kids. Forgive others in the Lord’s strength.
Birth – Age 2
Show unconditional love to your child! Every day, no matter what, give your child a hug and tell them something you love about them. Set them up to experience God’s love and forgiveness in the moments of each day.

Age 3 – Kindergarten
We often teach our children to say “I’m sorry,” when they have wronged someone; but it’s also important to show them the path of forgiveness when someone has wronged them. The words “I forgive you,” are powerful; make a habit of using them when someone says they are sorry. God is the one who helps us forgive — show your kids that having an open heart toward forgiveness is obeying God.

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