God made me special with a purpose

What do dragonflies eat?

What do dragonflies eat?

Word: Purpose

Bug: Dragonfly
Just like each dragonfly’s wings are unique, God made each one of us different and special.

Bible Verse: God made us to do good works. Ephesians 2:10

Story: Creation (Genesis 1)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I know that You made me special. You made the little bugs for a little reason, so You must have a big purpose for me. Thank you for caring about me. Amen


Can you look back and see how God worked out the details in a particular situation for His plan in your life? Take a minute to thank Him for giving you a purpose and then share your experience with your children. It’s never too early to plant those seeds!

Birth – Age 2
Take advantage of this warmer weather and get outside! Go for a walk with your child and point out all of God’s creation: the sky and clouds, the sun, plants and grass and trees, birds and animals. See if you can even see the moon during the day. Say, “God made all of these wonderful things and God made you!”

Age 3 – Kindergarten
Get a magnifying glass. You can find these at the dollar store or Oriental Trading.Company. Look closely at bugs or plants outside. Point out how God made each part of the bug or plant to do special work. Then take a minute and look together with the magnifying glass at the hands of your family members. Each one is different and created for a purpose!

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