What do we mean by Starting Small?

For us Starting small means

  • keeping focused on our mission and allowing God to grow it and modify it in His time.

We have so many dreams of what this blog could be and ideas that would lead us in many different directions but, for now, we are committed to literally “starting small” and staying true to the call of empowering parents (you)!

For you Starting small means

  • beginning to instill God’s truth into your children while they are still small
  • taking small steps in this huge task

We plan to provide family activities and conversation starters, new ideas and fresh inspirations that will help you weave God into every aspect of your child’s life, shaping their heart so that their entire existence becomes an expression of worship that brings glory to our Creator. Yay!



giftprizeLeave a comment below — let us know what you think. Your comment will enter you in a drawing for a prize your family will love!

3 thoughts on “What do we mean by Starting Small?

  1. This is yet another wonderful and well-thought-out way to truly reach both parents and children at our church…love the idea and the “heart” behind all of these outreaches and “helps” 🙂 May God use this site for His GLORY!

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