discipleship | 6-1-14










Word: Discipleship

Bug: Butterfly
When a caterpillar goes into his cocoon, he turns into a beautiful butterfly. When we spend time learning about Jesus and reading the Bible, we can become more like him.

Bible Verse: Your attitude should be like Jesus. Philippians 2:5

Story: James (Matthew 4:21, 17:5; Mark 3:17, 5:37, 14:33 & John 21:1-2)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I understand that you made me. Help me to become more like you! Amen.


There are so many ways that we would like to become more like Jesus. Make it simple this week. Ask God to show you just one way that you can be more like him and start being/doing it (in His strength).

Birth-Age 2
Even a very young child can recognize characters in a story (think: Dora, Daniel Tiger, and Big Bird). Introducing your child to characters from God’s Word is a big part of discipleship! Read from a Children’s Bible every day and help your child get to know Jesus! (If you don’t have a children’s bible, stop by Bright Beginnings and ask for one).

Age 3-Kindergarten
Prayer is a spiritual discipline! This week, plan to pray with your child often. Before bed and meal times are a great way to start. Pray when your child feels anxious or when you are riding in the car, or when you learn that a friend is sick. Help your child know that we can talk to Jesus anytime and anywhere!

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