bread = trust!

Each week during our Soul Food series we are cooking up a snack with a particular food from our Bible story that will help us remember a truth from God’s Word.

Last week our story was of Adam and Eve, our special food was an apple and our truth was OBEY.

This week our story was of Elijah in the dessert (when God provided bread for him), our special food was bread and our truth was TRUST.  Click on a picture below to take a peak at our children creating their bread snack!

startingsmall's Story

The children have been encouraged to think of the truth of the week every time they eat the special food.  So this week, every time your child eats bread, remind them that they can TRUST in God!  You’ll be surprised at the questions that follow and the conversations that take place.  You will be starting small and planting seeds of truth into their lives!

We’d love to see pictures of your kiddos eating their bread at home.  Check out our previous post for some fun bread recipes, create one yourself and share it with us, or simply talk over good ol’ PB&J, then post your pictures on our facebook page!

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