Calling All Bright Beginnings Volunteers!

It’s Time for Our 2nd Annual Bright Beginnings Volunteer Picnic!

If you help out in any way with our Bright Beginnings ministry, you and your family are invited to a picnic to say THANKS! Check out this invitation for more details and hope to see you there!




recognize | 8-24-14

Last Sunday, we made S’mores!
We learned about Jesus and how he helped his disciples catch a ton of fish. When the men in the boat heard someone from the shore ask them if they had caught anything, they thought it was just a friendly question. But then the man on the shore suggested they put their nets on the other side of the boat — and the catch was amazing! That’s when Peter recognized that the man was the Lord.

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Word: Recognize

Bible Verse: “My people know and follow me.” John 10:27

Bible Story: Jesus & the Disciples (John 21:1-14)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I am glad that you love me no matter what. Help me to always recognize your ways so that I can make good decisions. Just as sheep follow their shepherd, give me a desire to want to follow you. I want to give my heart to you and follow you every day. Amen

T a k e – i t – H o m e

Do you have a special way of making S’mores? Try some new ingredients — and talk about them with your kids (mini candybars, chocolate marshmallows, rolos, and more). Once they are made, see if others can recognize the ingredients you used. Be creative!



listen | 8-17-14

listen_cookieLast Sunday the important word was LISTEN.

We know that we should listen well to others. No doubt you ask your kids to “listen” several times a day. In the New Testament (where the Bible story is from) Jesus spoke to some men and they listened. And because they did–a miracle happened! Use the stuff here to make the LISTEN message relevant all week long!

Word: Listen

Bible Verse: “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” James 1:19

Bible Story: Jesus, Peter, James & John (Luke 5:1-11)
Read about what happened when Peter and James & John (who were fishing out in their boat) listened to Jesus (who was far away on the shore).

Dear God, Thank you for the Bible. I am glad that I can learn about you. Please help me to listen at church and to my teachers so that I can learn even more. Help me listen at home to my parents too. I am glad that you always listen to me when I talk to you. Amen

T A K E – I T – H O M E

RECIPE FUN: Make a Tasty Fish Bowl

What you need

  • Clear cups or bowls
  • A package of blue Jello
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cold water
  • A measuring cup for the water
  • Some gummy fish
  • A knife

What to do

  1. Mix up the blue Jello just like it tells you to on the package.
  2. Pour jello into individual bowls (this is your fishbowl with water in it)
  3. Put the cups in the refrigerator and let them “set” (takes a couple hours)
  4. Now, take that knife and make slits in the Jello — all around the cup.
  5. Slide a gummy fish in the slits you made.

Note: You will know when the Jello is “set” because you will be able to make a slit with a knife in it and it will not lose it’s shape.

Now you can see your fish swimming around in the fish bowl!


Thanks to all who attended our Kindergarten Graduation Party!  We will miss these fabulous kiddos, but are excited for them to begin their journey in Kid City.

Kindergarten Graduation Party

promotion sunday | kindergarten graduation party

Calling All 1st Graders!

If your child will be starting 1st grade this fall, this post is for you:

– Promotion Sunday is THIS Sunday, August 17th, which means your child will be attending Kid City for the very first time (you can check out this parent letter for more information).

– We are also having a Kindergarten Graduation Party THIS Saturday, August 16th to celebrate!  Pastor Crystel, our Kid City Children’s Pastor, will be there for your child to meet and to answer any questions you may have.


The party will take place at The Bounce Castle from 10:00am -12:00pm.  Check out the graduation party invitation for details and if you have not already RSVP’d and are planning on attending, please notify Ryanne Johnston (Bright Beginnings Director) using the form below.



share | 8-10-14

share_cookieKids in Bright Beginnings made Trail Mix on Sunday! They were pouring, measuring, and stirring the ingredients — then bagging it up and taking it home to SHARE with someone. And that’s the word for the week–let’s keep it going all week long!

Word: Share

Bible Verse: “Share what you have with others.” Romans 12:13

Story: Joseph (Genesis 47:11-13)
When famine came to Egypt, Joseph was able to share food with his whole family (and that was a lot of people). What a blessing he was to them!

Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for all the food that you provide for me and my family. I am so glad that I never have to go hungry. Help me to have a kind and caring heart so that I can share with others. Amen.

Take it Home

Try making Rainbow Kabobs this week! Gather fruit of lots of colors–rainbow colors!

fruit pieces
6″ bamboo skewers

Red: strawberries, raspberries, watermelon

Orange: cantaloupe, orange, mango

Yellow: pineapple, starfruit

Green: grapes, kiwi

Blue: blueberries

Purple: grapes


1. Thread fruit pieces onto skewers

2. Put fruits in rainbow color order

3. Try using cookie cutters to make shapes (cantaloupe and watermelon)

Have fun and share some kabobs!




wiggle waggle wednesdays | silly song night

Back by popular demand: Silly Song Night!

For Wiggle Waggle Wednesday this week, we spent the hour singing our Bible verses and dancing our way through silly songs!

Take a peek:

A Tooty Ta from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

Sticky Bubble Gum from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

God is My Refuge and Strength from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

rely | 8-4-14







Word: Rely

Bible Verse: “We know and need God’s love.” I John 4:16a

Bible Story: Elijah and the Angel (I Kings 19:1-18)
The story of Elijah shows us that we can rely on God for everything–even our next meal! Elijah was doing everything that God asked him to, and when he was hungry, God sent an Angel to bring food to Elijah.

Take it Home
Remember that we know and need God’s love — and that we can rely on God to care for us this week — by making some food in the kitchen!. Maybe you can be an “angel” and share it with someone 🙂

soulfood_granitasHealthy Orange Granitas

You will need: 4 oranges, 1 cup of water, 3-4 Tablespoons of honey, 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice, and zest from the orange peel (tops).

Clean and wash the oranges.

Cut off the top 1/4 of each orange–and a thin sliver from the bottoms so they will sit on the counter without rolling over.

Scoop out the orange flesh and juices and put it in a bowl and freeze.

Place orange “cups” on a plate and freeze.

Scrape the orange peel (lid) with a fork or a “zester” to remove the peel is tiny strands (about 1 tsp).

Puree the frozen orange mixture in a blender or food processor–adding the water, honey, lemon juice, and zest until smooth.

Adjust sweetness (honey) and pour into a 10″ x 13″ and freeze for 2-3 hours. Every so often, scrape the freezing mixture to break up the ice.

When the granita is frozen (no liquid left), “rake” it with the forks until glittery.

Scoop granita into frozen orange shells and serve. (Serves 4)