i’m back!

I’ve been off the past six weeks getting to know this little guy:


We welcomed our third son, Nicholas Lane, into our family September 1st and it has been pure bliss chaos every moment since! Ok, maybe it hasn’t been chaos every moment but I had forgotten so many things about having a new baby (it’s been three-and-a-half YEARS since we’ve had one around).

It’s amazing how incredibly fast two hours go by…how ridiculously long it takes to get loaded into the van to go anywhere…how genuinely hard it is for siblings to adjust to the changes (especially for that poor baby who is suddenly the infamous middle child)…how quickly things can go from “everyone is happy and I’m rockin’ this new mom thing” to “everyone is crying, pooping and screaming simultaneously and I’ve lost all control”…the list could go on and on! However, despite my amnesia we are finding our groove as a family of five and defining our new normal as I head back to work.

Sunday was my first day back and it was so much fun! Your kids are some of the coolest kids on the planet and they bless my socks off every time I’m with them because they just get this whole Jesus thing! They are kind and compassionate, they have faith like, well, children and they understand that they are worshiping God when they obey their moms and dads (they told me so second service). So hats off to you! You are doing a great job modeling what it means to live your life for God and it’s rubbing off on your children.

It is such an honor and a blessing to serve the fantastic families, teach the wonderful children, and work alongside the phenomenal volunteers of our church body.

And I just thought I should tell you so.

It’s Good to be Back!

– Ryanne

* Slight Side Note: When we first created startingsmall, it was my intention to make personal posts such as the one above on a regular basis. I wanted to be able to share with our Bright Beginnings community anything from what God is teaching me at the moment to why we serve animal crackers in the Garden. I wanted these personal posts to always have the same title; however, I never could come up with one that fit, so I simply haven’t made the posts! So, if any of you have an ideas for a title to my posts, leave it in the comments and we just might use it!

One thought on “i’m back!

  1. Ry – loved reading this. You are so dear! I am so glad for your family of 5. And, I know you will be great – as you always have been. Hmmm…. I will have to think about names for the blogs… Love and miss you!
    I believe in your vision and heart for ministry to these amazing families.

    You ARE rockin’ it!!!


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