take it home

Here’s your take it home for the weekend!

We’re a little late this week, but any time is a great time to bring God into your home, so here’s how you can remind your kids about what they learned Sunday.

027Look at all our friends who were in the Garden Sunday!


“C” of the Week: Character

Bible Verse: Be strong in character and ready for anything. James 1:4

Story: Daniel 6:6-23 (Daniel & the Lion’s Den)



We acted out “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” in our story station.


I’m pretty sure this was the part where the lions roar.  What do you think?

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Help me to have a good attitude in everything I do. Help me to trust in You so that I will be ready for anything. Amen








“Take-It-Home” Activities:
Parents: You are a model of Christ to your child. Pray with your child daily, teaching them to say “thank you” to God. Children will learn to trust in Jesus by watching you.

Birth – Age 3: Have your child help you act out the story of Daniel & the lions. Ask them to roar like a lion while you pretend to be Daniel. (You can even make a little blanket fort as your cave)! Kneel on the floor with your hands folded and pray to God, telling Him you love Him and thanking Him for keeping you safe. Remind your child that God loves them and will always protect them.

Age 4 – Kindergarten: Invite your child to help you with a simple chore around the house, then sing a song as you do it together. Remind them that God wants us to have a good attitude in everything we do, and singing can help us do just that!




There are two more exciting opportunities I have to share with you, so make sure to check back over the next couple of days!

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