extreme sayings | our new series in bright beginnings

We are embarking on an awesome adventure as we learn some extreme sayings that Jesus made in the Bible!  Over the next eight weeks we will be discovering what they mean and learning how to apply them to our lives.  Extreme-Sayings-Logo

Here’s the take home information for this week:

Extreme Saying of the Week:  Love Your Enemies  (This is what I say to all who will listen to me:  Love your enemies, and be good to everyone who hates you.  Luke 6:27)

Bible Verse:  Love each other.  John 15:12

Story:  Joseph  (Genesis 37:1-28 & Genesis 45:4-5)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me to love others in the way that you love me.  It is easy to love my friends and family but help me to show love to those who are hard to love or that don’t like me.  Amen

“Take-It-Home” Activities

Parents: Give your children extra hugs this week!  Reassure them of your love as you interact with them through your words and physical touch.  Studies have shown that playful physical interaction such as tickling, wrestling, chasing and catching, etc. between a parent and child releases high levels or endorphins in the children and strengthens the parent/child bond.  So have fun this week and know that as you pour love into your child, you are showing them God’s love.  They will be much more likely to share love with others when they feel loved!

Babies & Toddlers:  Tell your children you love them and everything that God wonderfully and uniquely created for them, then play “I love your…” with your child:  Say “I love    your….nose!” and point to their nose, “I love your….ears!” and point to their ears, etc.

Age 3 – Kindergarten: Remember that you can make “teachable moments” out of potentially negative situations.  Take some time to ask your child who they think an “enemy” might be.  It may be a girl who always makes faces at them or a boy who yells at them or pushes them for no reason.  Maybe it’s the kids who call them names.  Remind them that these are the kids Jesus asks us to love!  It’s not easy, but since Jesus said it in the Bible, we need to do it.  We can be extreme in our actions when we show love to others who hurt us.  The next time someone hurts your child, let them know it’s alright to feel hurt, then help them come up with a way they can show love to their “enemy.”   They can share a toy with them, or simply tell them “hello” the next time they see each other, or even have them over to play!

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