what’s your goliath?

All throughout September on Wednesday nights in Bright Beginnings, we’ve been learning about David & Goliath and how we can do EVERYTHING through Christ, who gives us strength. (Philippians 4:13).

This last Wednesday we thought about one thing we need God’s help with and then took some time to draw it out.


God, please help me “not to be scared when mommy leaves me at school.”


God, please help me “to be a good brother.”


God, please help me “not to be scared of the dark.”

Then, each child was given the chance to explain their drawing to a teacher and write whatever they needed help with on a rock.


This child wanted God’s help to eat their peas and beans.


Bad Dreams. Going to School. Being a Big Brother. Sharing.

They then placed their rock on the wall next to our representation of 9 foot 6 in Goliath.  The power that God gave David to defeat Goliath with just one small rock is the very same power He can give us to defeat our Goliaths!

Our teachers also prayed individually with your children that God would meet each of their specific needs in a very powerful way this week.

043 041

I can’t wait to hear how God answers all those prayers!

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