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Extreme Saying of the Week:  Live in peace with everyone!

(“But I tell you not to try to get even with a person who has done something to you.  When someone slaps your right cheek, turn and let that person slap your other cheek.”  Matthew 5:39)


Bible Verse:  “Live in peace.”  Romans 12:18a

Story:  David Hides in a Cave (1 Samuel 24:1-22)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me do my part to keep peace around me.  There will be times when I want to act in anger or get even, but help me to have the strength to be peaceful and show kindness instead.  Amen


“Take-It-Home” Activities

Parents: It can be extremely difficult at times to be a peaceful parent!  Pray for God to help you bring about peace in your home through your attitudes, words and actions.  Take a minute to think about what helps keep you calm, whether that means getting up early to make sure you have some time to yourself, reading, creating, exercising, cleaning (yes, cleaning works for some of us! 🙂 ), and then make sure to include those in your daily routine.  Don’t be afraid to give yourself a “time-out” when you are frustrated and know that simply getting silly (singing, dancing, laughing) can change attitudes quickly! .

Birth-Age 2:  Pray over your child this week that God will help them to live out Romans 12:18.

Age 3 – Kindergarten: Peace is a hard for our little ones because most times it requires selflessness.  Choose this week to focus on peace in your family.  Talk with your child about what peace means, then act out some scenarios they might encounter at home or at school with their peace puppets that they made today in class (you might just have channel your inner child and join them with a sock puppet of your own!).  Give them a situation (for example: they are playing with their sibling and both children want the same block to complete their tower) then have your child act out both a peaceful resolution and a not so peaceful resolution to the scenario.  When those situations arise in real life, remind them of their peace puppet!

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