take it home

Bug of the Week:  Ant  Ants are hard workers!  Just like they work together to make their ant hill, we can work together to serve God.


Bible Verse:  “Use your gifts to serve others.”  1 Peter 4:10

Story:  Miriam & Baby Moses  (Exodus 2)       

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, I know that when I help others, I am helping You.  I want to serve others every day.  Amen

“Take-It-Home” Activities

Parents: Children learn the most from you!  Model serving others and your children will grow up serving others.  Make an effort this week to find simple ways to serve others (hold doors open for people, allow others to go ahead of you in line, make a meal for someone who is ill, offer childcare to a friend) and talk to your children about what you are doing and why.

Toddlers:  Children naturally want to help you.  This week encourage and allow your child to help you with simple tasks such a pulling clothes out of the dryer, sweeping the floor, putting their toys away, “dusting” with a rag, setting the table (napkins, spoons etc.).  Thank them for their help!

Age 3 – Kindergarten:  Is there a chore around your home that is typically done by a particular person?  Ask your child to help you surprise that person by doing the chore (together with your child) for them without that person knowing.  Your child will enjoy the surprise and feel good about helping a family member.  Remind your child that anytime they help someone else, they are serving God.

Our K-Street friends talked about the fact that in order to serve others you need to be aware of people and their feelings.  To help them remember, they each were given a chocolate chip to eat and they all agreed it was sweet.  Then, they were given a piece of ice to hold in their mouths as long as they could!  After their tongues were good and cold, they ate another chocolate chip, but it didn’t taste so good.  Thinking about ourselves all the time can numb our hearts to those around us, making us forget to serve them.  Having a warm heart helps us think of others and their needs which makes us sweet!

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