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Over the next two months we are going to grab our aprons and cook up some tasty tidbits for spiritual nourishment.  Together we’ll measure out the ingredients to obey, trust, rely, share, listen, recognize, and remember right from God’s own recipe book, the Bible.  Check out this blog each week to find recipes the whole family can make together to help baked these truths into your hearts!

January 10th:  OBEY

“To love God means we obey Him.”  I John 5:3

 January 17th:  TRUST

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”  Proverbs 3:5

January 24th:  RELY

“We know and need God’s love.”  I John 4:16a

January 31st:  SHARE

“Share what you have with others.”  Romans 12:13

February 7th:  LISTEN

“Be quick to listen and slow to speak.”  James 1:19

February 14th:  RECOGNIZE

“My people know and follow me.”  John 10:27

February 21st:  REMEMBER

“I remember your name, O Lord.”  Psalm 119:55

February 28th:  FEED

“Feed the hungry and help others.”  Isaiah 58:10

* We will be cooking a special snack to go along with the lesson each week.  If your child has any food allergies, restrictions, diet preferences, or if you would just like to be notified of the snack prior to each Sunday please contact Ryanne Johnston (517-782-7084 ext. 301 or  We will be happy to make arrangements/alterations so that your child can still participate in both the cooking and eating of snack each week!

See you all tomorrow!


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