take it home | 01.17

Word of the Week:  TRUST



Recipe We Made in Class:  Bread Paint








Bible Verse:  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”  Proverbs 3:5

Story:  Elijah and the Drought (1 Kings 17:1-9)

Prayer:  Dear God, I am glad that You are so much bigger than I am.  You know all about my life.  You see everything that goes on around me.  You know what things worry or bother me before I even tell anyone.  I am glad that I believe in You.  Help me to trust You more each day.  Amen


Trust & Worry Can’t Mix!

“Take-It-Home” Activities:

Parents:  Write down 3 situations in which you need to trust God right now in your life.  Every time you start to worry about them this week, commit them to prayer.

Birth – Age 2:  You are modeling your trust in Jesus each time you pray. Your child will learn that you are looking to God for help, guidance, strength and wisdom as they hear your prayers.  Make mealtime and bedtime prayers important as well as all throughout the day.  Intentionally allow your child to hear you talk to Jesus.

Age 3 – Kindergarten:  Play a trust-building game as a family.  Blindfold one person, then have another person lead them around the house on a trust walk (take them around furniture, over and under items, up and down stairs, etc).  After the trust walk ask them questions such as, “How did it feel to not be able to see where you were going?”  “How much did you have to trust your guide?”  “In real life, do you always know what is going to happen next?”  “Who can you trust to guide you through life?”

Recipe to Make at Home:  

Each week during this series we will be looking at a “recipe for our life” from God’s own recipe book, the Bible, and pairing it with a common food we often eat.  This week we paired bread with the word TRUST, so every time your child eats bread, you can remind them that they can TRUST God! 

Here is a simple, fun bread recipe for you to try with your little chefs at home!



We’d love to have you share pictures of you and your child in your kitchen on our facebook page.

Happy Baking!

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