take it home | 06.12

Journey To: Freedom

Lesson in a Few Words:  God helps me!

Story:  Exodus 3-12

Bible Verse:  “The truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I am so glad that You love me.  Help me to learn more about You so you can guide me each day.  Thank You for always helping me.  Amen

Take-It-Home Activities:

Parents:  Take some time to pray over your children this week (before bed, as they sleep, before a meal, even as they play!).  Thank God that He has a plan for their life and pray that they will earnestly seek and follow His plan.

Birth – Age 2:  The next time you are packing the diaper bag to head out, allow your child to help.  As you both pack talk with them about how life is a journey and that God can guide us on our journey if we seek Him.

Age 3 – Kindergarten:  Plan a journey with your child.  Ask them where they would like to go and then pretend to go there!  Pack backpacks with things you may need and travel around the house (inside and outside!), making stops and eventually getting to your destination.  Consider eating in a different place (maybe on a blanket in a fort) or even sleeping in sleeping bags!  As you are traveling remind your child that God is with them wherever they go and that He can guide them through the journey of life.


Special THANK YOU to all our Summer Serve volunteers!

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