take it home | 10.23

“Driving Your Course”



Word of the Week:  Obey

Bible Verse:  Stay on the right track.  Philippians 3:16

Story:  The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)


Prayer: Lord, I pray that I can understand how to stay on the right track and do the right things.  Help me to obey your instructions that are in the Bible and make good choices in my life.  Help me to be kind to others, just like the Good Samaritan.  Amen

“Take-It-Home” Activities:

Parents: Are you on the right course in your own life?  Is there something God has been asking you to do?  Are you listening to His voice?  Our own children can’t obey us if they aren’t listening to hear what we’re asking of them.  It is the same with our Heavenly Father.  Take some time this week to intentionally listen for His voice and obey what He says!  It may be as simple as paying for the person behind you in line to taking the first step toward a major change in your life!

Birth – Age 2:  Play a game with your child.  Hide a small item in the house and then give them directions to help them find it.  Remind them to listen carefully so that they can follow the directions.  When they find it, give them a big hug and lots of praise!

Age 3 – Kindergarten: Ask your child about the picture they colored or drew today in class. Brainstorm with them ways they can show kindness to others just like the Good Samaritan did (sit by someone who is sitting alone, share their toys, allow others to go first, invite children to play with them, etc.) and help them do just that this week!


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