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Our next series in Bright Beginnings:


We are embarking on an awesome adventure as we learn some extreme sayings that Jesus made in the Bible!  We will go full throttle into each of the following sayings, discovering what they mean and learning how to apply them to our lives.  Over the next eight weeks we’ll be learning about loving, forgiving, having faith, establishing priorities, setting an example, serving others, being peaceful and acting wisely.

January 22nd:  Extreme Saying:  Love Your Enemies  (“Love each other.”  John 15:12)

January 29th:  Extreme Saying:  Forgive Everyone  (“Forgive everyone.”  Colossians 3:31a (CEV))

February 5th: Extreme Saying:  Let’s Move a Mountain!  (“Faith proves what we cannot see.”  Hebrews 11:1 (CEV))

February 12th:  Extreme Saying:  Don’t Love Money  (“Love of money causes trouble.”  1 Timothy 6:10a (CEV))

February 19th:  Extreme Saying:  Be Salt  (“Honor Christ.”  1 Peter 3:15)

February 26th:  Extreme Saying:   Be a Servant to All  (“Serve each other with humility.”  1 Peter 5:5b (GW))

March 5th:  Extreme Saying:  Live in Peace with Everyone  (“Live in peace.”  Romans 12:18a (NLT))

March 12th:  Extreme Saying:  Be Perfect  (“Do what it right.”  2 Corinthians 8:21 (GW))

See you tomorrow!

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