take it home | 01.29

Extreme Sayings Series

Extreme Saying of the Week:  “Forgive Everyone”

Lesson in a Word:  Forgiveness

Story:  The person who wouldn’t forgive.  Matthew 18:23-35

Bible Verse:  “Forgive everyone.”  Colossians 3:31a

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I am so glad that you always forgive me when I do wrong things.  Please help me to forgive others when they do something wrong to me.  Help me to follow your example of forgiving everyone, not just the people I want to.  Amen

“Take-It-Home” Activities:

Parents:  Is there someone in your life you need to forgive?  Parents lead by example and your children are watching!  Make that phone call or write that letter today

Birth – Age 2: Take each day this week to give your child a big hug and tell them something you love about them, making it different each day.  Your children will be more likely to experience God’s love and offer forgiveness to others when they know they are unconditionally     loved by you!

Age 3 – Kindergarten: It’s great to teach your children to say “I’m sorry” when they’ve wronged someone; however, it’s also great to teach them to forgive when someone has wronged them.  Make it a habit in your home to say “I forgive you” when someone says “I’m sorry” to you.  Forgiveness is a process that we need God’s help to accomplish, but we can train our children to have hearts that respond with forgiveness

*  Our Backyard & K-Street friends made “Forgiveness Cards” this week.  Help your children give them to someone who needs their forgiveness…perhaps a friend that hurt their feelings or a sibling who wouldn’t share…or keep the card to use the next time your child needs to offer forgiveness to someone.

img_20170129_100728015_hdrThe weight of unforgiveness.

img_20170129_100716076_hdrimg_20170129_100748394_hdrLearning how God forgives.

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