our kids’ quotes

December 2015

Faithful was our Word of the Week on Sunday.  When asked what the word faithful means…

“It means you have two mommies and two daddies.” – Kendall, age 4

“Faithful is when you do something wrong and you get a spanken.”  – Lily, age 5

“Faithful is love.”  – William, age 4

“It’s like when you have a dog and he runs away and you can’t find him, but then you find him after you drive around for a long time cause that’s what dogs do all the time.” – Viola, age 4

What our kids say about Daddy.
Father’s Day Edition 2014

My Daddy is the best at . . .

“Laughing.”  Ethan (4)
“Making lunch.”  Madison (6)
“Planting flowers.”  Zeke (4)
“Playing with me.”  Sammy (6)
“Being nice to Mommy.”  Reagan (4)
“Working at the office to make money.”  Wyatt (6)

“Throwing my blue ball.” Joshua (4)
“Being so special.”  Arianna (4)
“Walking with me.”  Dakota (3)
“Working.” Lyla (3)
“Playing in the pool.”  Devin (4)
“Picking my nose.” Grace (2)

“Swimming with me.”  Isabelle (4)
“Going fishing.” Elliott (3)
“Working with me.”  William (3)
“Working with tools.” Tigh (2)
“Taking me to the bathroom.” Eli (3)

“Loving me more.”  Lily (4)
“Going to the pool.”  Lauren (3)
“Wrestling with me.”  Leah (2)
“Reading with me.”  Isaac (2)
“Hugging me.” Sophia (4)

My Daddy always says . . .

“Please.”  Chuck (6)
“Yes or no.”  Matthew (5)
“He loves me.”  Jake (4)
“I love you all the time.” Darby (5)
“I love you.”  Sophia (4)

My favorite thing to do with my dad is . . .

“Play with him.”  Carter (5)
“Eat with him.”  Iris (4)
“Play kickball.”  Shiloh (6)
“Build a bedroom downstairs.” Annabell (5)
“Play with him.”  Grayson (5)

My Daddy teaches me how to . . .

“Make the best sandwiches.”  Carson (5)
“Do homework.” Alaysia (6)
“Read.” Madison (6)
“Do good and how to dance.”  Mackenzie (5)
“Make cookies.”  Ava (6)
“Play gold.”  Carter (5)
“Jump rope.”  Max (4)




What our kids say about Mommy.
Mother’s Day Edition 2014

My Mommy always says . . .

“Don’t be bad.” Reagan (5)
“Always eat your breakfast.” Ruthie (5)
“I will in a minute.” Berkley (4)
“I love you.” Teagan (5)
“Kamryn the Cutie!” Kamryn (3)
“Don’t hurt Ruthie.” Sophia (4)
“I love you.” Liam (4)
“Good Night.” Weston (4)

My favorite thing to do with Mommy is . . .

“Make doughnuts.” Grant (5)
“Make paper birds.” Addison (4)
“Play superhero.” Micah (4)
“Cook some eggs.” Jacob (4)
“Go to the water park.” Carson (5)
“Have a date.” Matthew (5)
“Vacuum.” Carter (3)
“Jump on the trampoline.” Berkley (4)

I love it most when my Mommy . . .

“Takes me to Applebees.” Parker (5)
“Colors with me.” Micah (4)
“Tucks me in.” Carter (5)
“Helps me learn.” Hannah (5)
“Covers me up at night.” Natalie (4)
“Makes sweet potato casserole.” Shiloh (6)
“Hugs me.” Ethan (4)
“Sings me a bedtime song.” Gideon (5)
“Lets me have ice cream.” Berkley (4)
“Bakes cookies.” Anson (4)

My Mommy loves to make . . .

“Cookies and snacks.” Grayson (5)
“Healthy stuff.” Teagan (5)
“Soup.” Braydon (4)
“Corned beef and cabbage.” Wyatt (6)
“PB and Jelly sandwich.” Shelby (4)
“Everything” Sophia (4)
“Cookies.” Liana (4)
“Muffins and grapes.” Ethan (4)
“Fruit salad.” Henry (4)

My Mommy is the best at . . .

“Making good food and buying good things.” Mackenzie (5)
“Reading bedtime stories.” Jordyn (4)
“Playing the computer.” Jonah (4)
“Making PB & J sandwiches.” Ruthie (5)
“Playing baseball.” Grant (5)
“Making cupcakes.” Natalee (4)
“Cooking.” Grayson (5)
“Sewing” Matthew (5)
“Cleaning.” Liana (4)
“Loving us.” Reagan (5)









While watching his classmate put tithe in the basket: “Will Jesus come and pick that up?” (Age 3)

After a lesson talking about the fact that Jesus was a child just like us:  “Does Jesus wear underwear like I do? (Age 3)

We were reviewing our story about the Israelites from the previous week and I asked the children who the group of people were that were in the desert with Moses.  A little girl raised her hand and said, “The Shine-a-Brights!”

While talking about the story of Jacob and Esau…“My dad is really hairy.” (Age 3)

A Conversation Between a Summer Serve Volunteer and Brayden, age 4:

Brayden:  “Do you have kids?”
Volunteer:  “Yes.  I have three girls.”
Brayden:  “You don’t have any boys?”
Volunteer:  “No, just girls at my house.”
Brayden: (after a moment’s pause, pointing at two boys sitting across from him playing legos) “You could buy them two boys!”

When asked to “touch your head” during a finger play…“I can’t touch my head because then I’ll mess up my church hair.”  (Age 3)

A Conversation Between Ryanne and Ava, age 5
(The children had just made necklaces with “loaves and fishes” on them)

Ava:  “Here Miss Ryanne.  You can have my necklace.”
Ryanne:  “Thank You Ava!  That is so sweet of you to think of me.”
Ava:  “I would have given it to my mommy, but she doesn’t like wearing jewelry with fish and bread on it.”

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