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Volunteer Spotlight | Mary Bondarenko | April 2013

Mary Bondarenko is a long-time volunteer in Bright Beginnings. She wears many hats – she is often at the check-in counter or making nametags, rocking and humming with a baby on her shoulder, reading a story to a group of little ones, or even at home baking a special treat for us.ss_marybondarenko

Whatever needs to be done, Mary is there to help.

Mary and her husband Paul, have a son (Andrew) and a daughter (Elizabeth). Though her kids are grown, she has a passion for helping young parents. Giving of herself week after week, she is a blessing to parents of little ones.

“It’s important for Mom’s and Dad’s to worship,” she says. Of all the things she does in the Bright Beginnings hallway, “it’s the one-on-one time [with kids] I enjoy the most,” she explains.

Something you probably don’t know about Mary? When her children were growing up, each year they planned a vacation together, with the goal of visiting all 50 states in the USA! They were successful, and now have wonderful memories together.

meadow15Mary insisted throughout our interview that what she does in Bright Beginnings is “not about me” – which must be the reason why she always has a cheerful smile and willing heart to help.

Thank you Mary, for all you do for us!



Volunteer Picnic | Summer 2013
volunteer picnic 2013 picnic2 picnic3 picnic4 picnic5 picnic6 picnic7 picnic8 picnic9 picnic10 picnic11 picnic12 picnic13 picnic14 picnic15 picnic16 picnic17 picnic18 picnic20
A big thanks to all volunteers and their families!

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  1. I absolutely love all the things that the JaxNaz does for our community and this is just a great way to stay in the loop of it all.

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