wiggle waggle wednesdays | silly song night

Back by popular demand: Silly Song Night!

For Wiggle Waggle Wednesday this week, we spent the hour singing our Bible verses and dancing our way through silly songs!

Take a peek:

A Tooty Ta from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

Sticky Bubble Gum from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

God is My Refuge and Strength from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

wiggle waggle wednesdays | drumming for Jesus

We had a great time drumming for Jesus at Wiggle Waggle Wednesdays last night!

startingsmall's Story

Backyard Friends Drumming from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

More Backyard Friends from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

Garden Friends Drumming from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Pam Gage and Dana Lewis for leading the class. Make sure to check out their facebook page. Pam and Dana attend JaxNaz and run The Getting Healthy Center located at 4650 Page Ave. in Michigan center. They are having a Family Fun Day at their center on July 28th where all ages will be able to drum! It will be a great, fun way for your family to get some exercise together!

Take-it-Home This Week 11.5.12

In Bright Beginnings yesterday, we were on a journey to WORSHIP! Here are some ideas to keep the lesson alive all week long . . .

Parents:  We teach our children that we can worship God anywhere at anytime and that worshiping God is much more than just singing songs to Him. Think about ways that you can worship God this week with your attitude, time and thoughts.

Birth-Age 2: Put in your favorite worship CD or DVD and worship God with your children! Dance around the house singing praises to Him.

This image is used with a creative commons license on Google.

Age 3-Kindergarten: Take some time to make a fort this week inside your home with blankets and pillows. Make it your family tabernacle for the day! Remind your child that God gave Moses and the Israelites specific instructions on how to build their tabernacle (a place of worship), but we have the privilege of worshiping God anytime and anywhere!  Even in a fort made of blankets!