wednesday nights in march

Here’s what your kiddos will be learning in Bright Beginnings during the month of March:

Moses Pic

Story: Baby Moses (Exodus 2)

Bible Verse: The Lord’s Prayer (check out this post to learn the sign language)

Theme SongJesus Loves the Little Children

To do @ Home:
• Grab some objects from around your house and fill a tub with water. Have your child guess if the object will sink or float and then have them test it out!  Ask your children to tell you the story of baby Moses, then remind them that just as God had a plan for Moses’ life, He has a plan for your child’s life as well!

• Grab a baby doll and sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” with your child while taking turns to gently rock the baby.


take it home

Chemical Reactions | Week 1

Faith Science Experiment from Ryanne Johnston on Vimeo.

Series Bible Verse:
2 Peter 1:5-7 “…add this to your life: faith, and to your faith, goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, patience; and to patience, service for God; and to service for God, kindness; and to kindness, love.

Character Element of the Week: Faith


Story: The Captain’s Servant (Matthew 8:5-13)


Bible Verse: “…add this to your life: faith” 2 Peter 1:5a


Prayer: Dear Jesus, I want to believe in You. I am so glad that I can come to church and learn about You. Help me to trust You and the plans You have for my life. Amen


Take-It-Home Activities:
Parents: You are a model of Christ to your child. Children will learn to trust in Jesus by watching you. Talk with your child about Jesus. Share what He has done for you; how He keeps you safe, helps you sleep, or heals you.


Birth – Age 2: Children’s faith will grow the more they trust and know! As you and your children are riding in the car, getting dressed or looking out the window, take turns spotting things that God made.


Age 3 – Kindergarten: Play “Lead the Blind” game. Blindfold a family member. Another family member will give them verbal directions to get from one place to another. Do you have faith that you will be lead the right way and not bump into things?


back by popular demand!

It’s time for wiggle waggle Wednesdays!

The Garden and Backyard kids will be participating in Wiggle Waggle Wednesdays again this summer in Bright Beginnings. It’s basically our own version of Kid City’s Wet & Wacky Wednesdays, just a little less wacky and a lot less wet!

We will be playing exciting games (think elementary gym class…remember parachute day?!), worshiping with music and movement (think drums and other fun percussion instruments) and putting God’s Word in our hearts (memorization!). Each child in the Garden and Backyard will be assigned a team (either Orange or Blue) and will be competing all summer to earn points for their team.

Here’s how to earn points!

Attending Service: 1 point
Wearing Your Team Color: 2 points
Winning Games Played Each Week: 3 points
Bringing a Friend: 5 points
Memorizing the Lord’s Prayer: 10 points
Memorizing Each Month’s Bible Verse: 10 points
Being Able to Recite All Four at the End of Summer: Priceless (and 20 points)

You can help your child by. . .

  • making sure they are here
  • being willing to transport a few extra friends
  • reminding them to dress in their team color (anything from hair accessories and hats to colored shirts and socks are great)
  • working with them on memorizing the Lord’s Prayer and verse of the month at home!

Note: We will be playing most of our games in Kid City (as they are out on the baseball field getting wet and being wacky) and we may take the Backyard children outside a few times to the grassy area outside Bright Beginnings. If you have any concerns about your children being in either of these two areas during service, please let us know.

Thanks in advance for making our summer of Wiggle Waggle Wednesdays a success! I’m looking forward to Wiggling and Waggling with your kiddos!


take it home | 5-26-13

The Recipe this week was “Pretzels from Heaven”. Can you guess what the Bible story was?

The Word:  TRUST

Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Proverbs 3:5

Read the Story: Elijah and the Drought (I Kings 17:1-9)

Prayer: Dear God, I am glad that You are so much bigger than I am. You know
all about my life. You see everything that goes on around me. You
know what things worry or bother me before I even tell anyone. I am
glad that I believe in You. Help me to trust You more each day. Amen

Write down three situations in which you need to trust God
right now in your life. Each time you start to worry about
them this week, start praying instead.

Birth-Age 2
Each time you pray, you are modeling your trust in Jesus.
Your child will learn that you are looking to God for help,
guidance, strength and wisdom as they hear your prayers.
Make mealtime and bedtime prayers important as well as
all throughout the day. Intentionally allow your child to
hear you talk to Jesus!

Age 3-Kindergarten
Play a trust-building game as a family.
blindfoldBlindfold one person, then have another
person lead them around the house on a trust
walk (take them around furniture, over and
under items, up and down stairs, etc). After
the trust walk ask them questions such as,
“How did it feel to not be able to see where
you were going?” “How much did you have to
trust your guide?” “In real life, do you always
know what is going to happen next?” “Who
can you trust to guide you through life?”

take it home | 1-27-13

The character element of the week is: SELF CONTROL

Story: Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6:9 through 9:15)

Bible Verse: “…and to your knowledge, add self-control.” 2 Peter 1:6a

Prayer: Dear God, I am so glad that you have control over everything that happens. You have a purpose for everything and everyone. Help me to have self-control to do the right things. And help me to have self-control so I will not hurt others with my actions or words. Amen.


Parents: Write down one area in your life that needs self-control and ask God to help you.

Birth-Age 2: Young children often use their bodies to get attention by hitting, poking, scratching, grabbing and biting. When these times arise, it’s an opportunity to teach them about self-control. Encourage them to “use their words” and ask “what do you need?” and remind them “it’s not your turn – let’s share”.

Age 3-Kindergarten: Playing a card or board game is a geat way to practice self-control. Play a game with your child this week and encourage them by taking turns and being “good sports.” When the game is over, high-five everyone and say, “good game!”

3rd Sunday of Advent

Story – Follow that star! (wisemen and shepherds)

Bible Verse – “I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.” Psalm 119:10

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for being the perfect gift. Thank you for having a plan for me. I pray I will seek you and follow you my whole life. Amen

TAKE IT HOME 12.16.12

Following is a part of every kid’s life.  Kids learn about following rules, following in line, following the example given, and so learning to follow God fits right into their world.

Star-of-BethlehemParents – Talk about the shepherds who heard a message from angels and followed a star all the way to a baby in a manger, and help your kids understand that we follow God the same way…listening to what he tells us in the Bible and doing what he says is good to do.

Birth-Age 2 – Make a big star to hang in your house.  Every time you see a star this week (TV, stores, signs, books, etc.), talk about the shepherds and how the star led them to find Baby Jesus!

Ages 3-4 – Trace a star shape and decorate it.  Take turns playing “follow the leader” with your child…the leader carries the star and everyone else follows until it stops at a special place.

Kindergarten – Make star-shaped placements from construction paper or a file folder.  Decorate with markers and set them at your table.  As you eat together this week, talk about the shepherds and the message they heard from the angels.  Tell your children how important it is to follow God and his commandments.