listen | 8-17-14

listen_cookieLast Sunday the important word was LISTEN.

We know that we should listen well to others. No doubt you ask your kids to “listen” several times a day. In the New Testament (where the Bible story is from) Jesus spoke to some men and they listened. And because they did–a miracle happened! Use the stuff here to make the LISTEN message relevant all week long!

Word: Listen

Bible Verse: “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” James 1:19

Bible Story: Jesus, Peter, James & John (Luke 5:1-11)
Read about what happened when Peter and James & John (who were fishing out in their boat) listened to Jesus (who was far away on the shore).

Dear God, Thank you for the Bible. I am glad that I can learn about you. Please help me to listen at church and to my teachers so that I can learn even more. Help me listen at home to my parents too. I am glad that you always listen to me when I talk to you. Amen

T A K E – I T – H O M E

RECIPE FUN: Make a Tasty Fish Bowl

What you need

  • Clear cups or bowls
  • A package of blue Jello
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cold water
  • A measuring cup for the water
  • Some gummy fish
  • A knife

What to do

  1. Mix up the blue Jello just like it tells you to on the package.
  2. Pour jello into individual bowls (this is your fishbowl with water in it)
  3. Put the cups in the refrigerator and let them “set” (takes a couple hours)
  4. Now, take that knife and make slits in the Jello — all around the cup.
  5. Slide a gummy fish in the slits you made.

Note: You will know when the Jello is “set” because you will be able to make a slit with a knife in it and it will not lose it’s shape.

Now you can see your fish swimming around in the fish bowl!

share | 8-10-14

share_cookieKids in Bright Beginnings made Trail Mix on Sunday! They were pouring, measuring, and stirring the ingredients — then bagging it up and taking it home to SHARE with someone. And that’s the word for the week–let’s keep it going all week long!

Word: Share

Bible Verse: “Share what you have with others.” Romans 12:13

Story: Joseph (Genesis 47:11-13)
When famine came to Egypt, Joseph was able to share food with his whole family (and that was a lot of people). What a blessing he was to them!

Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for all the food that you provide for me and my family. I am so glad that I never have to go hungry. Help me to have a kind and caring heart so that I can share with others. Amen.

Take it Home

Try making Rainbow Kabobs this week! Gather fruit of lots of colors–rainbow colors!

fruit pieces
6″ bamboo skewers

Red: strawberries, raspberries, watermelon

Orange: cantaloupe, orange, mango

Yellow: pineapple, starfruit

Green: grapes, kiwi

Blue: blueberries

Purple: grapes


1. Thread fruit pieces onto skewers

2. Put fruits in rainbow color order

3. Try using cookie cutters to make shapes (cantaloupe and watermelon)

Have fun and share some kabobs!




recipe: awesome applesauce

ss_soul-food_awesome-applesauce-recipeClick here for a printable recipe card!

Send us a picture of your kids making (and eating) awesome applesauce! We would love to share your pics here at starting small.

The recipe card maker is courtesy of

Recipe | Pretzels from Heaven

Here’s a fun recipe for pretzels — can you TRUST your taste buds to try it?

1 (11 oz) can of refrigerated dinner rolls

Heat oven to 375

Form the Pretzels

  1. Separate dough into 12 bread sticks and put them on an ungreased cookie sheet.
  2. Twist and stretch each breadstick into a 22″ long rope.
  3. Shape each rope into a pretzel and place it on a cookie sheet (see diagram here).
  4. Bake at 375 degrees for 12-18 minutes, or until golden brown.
  5. Brush on melted butter and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top.


Shake off the excess cinnamon/sugar and serve them while they are warm!

Let us know how these turned out — leave a comment for us at starting small.

take it home | 5-26-13

The Recipe this week was “Pretzels from Heaven”. Can you guess what the Bible story was?

The Word:  TRUST

Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Proverbs 3:5

Read the Story: Elijah and the Drought (I Kings 17:1-9)

Prayer: Dear God, I am glad that You are so much bigger than I am. You know
all about my life. You see everything that goes on around me. You
know what things worry or bother me before I even tell anyone. I am
glad that I believe in You. Help me to trust You more each day. Amen

Write down three situations in which you need to trust God
right now in your life. Each time you start to worry about
them this week, start praying instead.

Birth-Age 2
Each time you pray, you are modeling your trust in Jesus.
Your child will learn that you are looking to God for help,
guidance, strength and wisdom as they hear your prayers.
Make mealtime and bedtime prayers important as well as
all throughout the day. Intentionally allow your child to
hear you talk to Jesus!

Age 3-Kindergarten
Play a trust-building game as a family.
blindfoldBlindfold one person, then have another
person lead them around the house on a trust
walk (take them around furniture, over and
under items, up and down stairs, etc). After
the trust walk ask them questions such as,
“How did it feel to not be able to see where
you were going?” “How much did you have to
trust your guide?” “In real life, do you always
know what is going to happen next?” “Who
can you trust to guide you through life?”